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The name Heartafiya personifies a burning passion for music. Originating from the island of Barbados. “Heartafiya” is on a mission to inspire positivity, love, and justice through Reggae & other genres of Music. In a country where soca music reigns, Heartafiya started his unique journey with the worldwide digital release of his debut album ‘Reggae Vibes’. The compilation exhibits the singer-songwriter’s diverse talent. Featuring conscious, lover’s rock, and dancehall selections.

Having appeared on some of the Caribbean’s major outlets on television and hit radio stations across the Caribbean, and having performed on Major Reggae festivals throughout the Caribbean & Music award shows. Heartafiya is set to expand his music. A move signified by the crossover appeal of his releases, ahead of an anticipated sophomore project.

He has toured extensively in Barbados & the Caribbean as well as parts of Europe and the United States, just after releasing his first major work produced by RFM Music Inc in        2014. In 2015, The Heat Magazine listed Heartafiya as part of a great ongoing                   “Reggae”         movement happening in Barbados and the rest of the world, Bring               forward the genre of roots reggae.

              Heartafiya’s conscious tone is still clear in the late 2015 reggae/hip-hop fusion               single ‘Battlefield’. Followed up by the 2016 release of his dancehall                                       collaboration, ‘Lucky 7’which features international talent. As his music begins                    to make waves, Heartafiya is poised to make his mark on the international                         scene.

                       Opening The year 2016 with nothing but positive energy, Barbados Music                          Awards one of the Caribbean Major Award shows features Heartafiya &                           he also was nominated as "Reggae Artist" of the year.

                        Early 2017 Heartafiya released a Mixtape entitled Rise & Blaze Grass                                  Features 10 songs for download, He features a Spanish/English                                         collaboration "Make up your mind" which is one of the singles from the                               mixtape. Soon after Summer 2017 Heartafiya toured Japan spreading                                 the message across the globe. Heartafiya who is Currently working on                                 his  2020 project entitled "RAGGADELIC" . Heartafiya releases 2nd                                         single off his NEW EP [ R A G G A D E L I C ]

                                     OUT NOW.


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